Fun fact: the most-viewed post on this blog, by a long shot, is the one where I shared that I’d received a Critical Language Scholarship from the US Department of State to study Korean in Gwangju. Today, I’m pleased to announce there will soon be another addition to the State Department–mandated disclaimer at the bottom of this blog.

Beginning early this July, I’ll be spending a full year in South Korea as a Fulbright fellow. I’ll be serving as an English teaching assistant at the elementary level. After our six-week orientation in Seoul, I don’t yet know the city I’ll be working in. That said, though Korea isn’t a small country, it possesses an excellent transportation infrastructure. If you’ll be there at all during the next year, send me an email so we can catch up!

Here’s a spotlight on the website of the Thornton School of Music about me and my friend Geetha, also a new Fulbright fellow.