Coding projects

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Selected publications

“The College Application Problem,” arXiv, May 2022. A rollup of the main results from my master’s thesis, which examines a novel submodular maximization problem involving the expected maximum value of a portfolio of random variables.

“Human-Centered Design in Acoustics Education for Undergraduate Music Majors” (paywall), The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, April 2022. A survey study of undergraduate music majors with a discussion of how to harness the natural affinity between acoustic science and musical practice in acoustics education.

“Characterizing Nonatomic Admissions Markets,” arXiv, July 2021. A parametric model of a college admissions market that has attractive numerical properties. I estimate the model using an open dataset and produce an intuitive ranking of American universities.

“Cyborgs, Cyphers, and Feminist Compromise in Contemporary South Korean Science Fiction,” Emory Journal of East Asian Studies, 2020. I examine two contemporary South Korean science fiction authors and situate their complex relationship to the SF genre in the context of a longer history of “bargains” that Korean feminist writers have made in search of a literary platform.

“ ‘The Shoes of the Trees’: How Trees Find Their Footing in Contemporary Korean Poetry,” BA honors thesis, May 2018. A study of the symbolic and discursive role of trees in Korean lyric poetry and ecocriticism.

“The Making of the Kim Ku Mystique,” Outstanding Academic Papers by Students, 2016–17. A historical research paper examining the origins of a prominent Korean nationalist and anticolonial activist’s high standing in contemporary Korean political and social thought.


“Using Data to Understand ELL Students,” August 2019. A tour of some rudimentary data analysis techniques that ELL teachers can use to better understand their students.

“How Do We Learn What’s True? Narrative Fluency and the Pedagogy of Information,” February 2019. I created this digital essay in response to what I saw as an unquestioning embrace of trendy information-literacy pedagogies.

Presentation videos

My YouTube channel includes recordings of many of my conference presentations, along with accessible summaries of my research and a few Julia and Python tutorials.

Teaching assistantships

During my master’s degree at Seoul National University, I served as a course TA for the following MOOCs:

Broken links

If you are looking for the “Published Pieces” section from my old website, which had links to my work at the USC Daily Trojan and various litmags, here you go. Be warned that many of those links are dead.