The best thing about fish is probably the lateral line, which sort of like ears for underwater that enable fish to sense and locate predators even in dark or murky conditions.

The best thing about the fish command-line shell, on the other hand, has to be its “fuzzy” completions. In most other shells (like Microsoft PowerShell, which I use every day at work), you can tab-complete a filename like by typing blog (the first part of the filename) and pressing Tab. If there are multiple matches, you use the arrow keys to scroll through them until you get the one you want.

This works fine if you put the most-unique part of your filenames at the beginning. But I like to begin my filenames with ISO dates, so to tab-complete in PowerShell, I have to type 2024 and then jab the arrow key a bunch of times, which is like using a phone book that is sorted by phone number. In fish, I can just type blogpost (even without the underscore) and it will autocomplete to

Similar completions work for the options of most command-line programs, and it’s (relatively) easy to extend the built-in completions with your own configuration files (but I’ve never needed to).