How do we learn what’s true?

Narrative fluency and the pedagogy of information

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Why did I make this?

I wrote this essay in early 2019 in response to what I saw as an unquestioning embrace of trendy information-literacy pedagogies among fellow teachers and people who write about education. It is the first in a series about surviving in a world bereft of epistemological signposts.

I blog regularly at, hosted on Blogger, but with this site, I wanted to try building everything from scratch. All the CSS is original and the content is hosted using GitHub Pages. I made a custom script in Python with Beautiful Soup to sanitize Word’s HTML exports.

This work—the text and code—is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. This grants you broad freedom to share and remix this work, as long as you credit me. Some content is included under other forms of public copyright license.

Please email me at if you spot any dead links or mistakes, or just to say hi.

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